IDENTIDAD VENEZUELA: the faces of our identity


Design Group Latinamerica patronizes the exhibition: “A Thousand  Faces”  by Gil Molina, a summary of the elements that identify us as Venezuelans; inaugurated during the Maczul’s 20th anniversary

The Contemporary Art Museum of the Zulia State, Maczul, celebrated its 20th anniversary within a new edition of the “Festival Bajo Techo” a mix of cultural activities, art, music and science; where the journalist and publicist Gil Molina showcased the exhibition “Identidad Venezuela: 1000 rostros”; an editorial project having the sponsorship of Design Group Latinamerica for this event.

This book came to its fourth edition as the result of an arduous research and curatorial work made by Molina, compiling the data obtained from more than a thousand interviews carried out for almost ten years to celebrities, and other not so well known characters, but owners of extraordinary stories about the key elements that have defined our identity as venezuelans over time.

During the exhibition opening day, Molina presented his work during a deep discussion about identity, discoursing the need for identification and the decision to be and belong; he clarified this was an answer from his own experience to the question of what it means to be Venezuelan. Believing that people don’t have to fill out a checklist of features to be defined as  venezuelan, but it’s truly necessary to take in account the aspects that identify us with our immediate environment.

Everything is about the word Decision; according to Gil Molina’s opinion, It’s very important to include ourselves in the phrase “as venezuelans, we are” anytime we say something positive and without excluding ourselves from the negative things. Being inclusive is important to develop the sense of belonging when we decide to be part of this country and the solution needed. He also said, that in critical times there is nothing more important than creating and learning. We must decide to act without fear paralyzing us.

Sharing the passion for culture and the sense of belonging marked in the deepest of its essence, Design Group Latinamerica participated in this meeting with their identity as venezuelans; to claim that we continue to believe, betting and valuing the country, its talent and characters with the certainty that by working together we can be a model with identity and purpose.