Various training activities, technical development and recreational activities were the main focus of a 3-day event, which hosted the entirety of the DGLA personnel located in Venezuela.

The Design Group Latinamerica branches located in Lecheria, Valencia, Caracas and Maracaibo have met to share their experiences and have carried out the actions that will drive the destiny of the organization towards a global projection of the brand in an event dubbed “MeetUp DGLA 2018”. The reunion took place between Thursday 29th of November until Saturday 1st of December, gathering the entirety of the personnel belonging to the Venezuelan branches in one location; with various activities enclosed in the DGLA Training and Capacity Development Program.

On Thursday, the arrival to Maracaibo took place, involving all the personnel originating from foreign locations, who after settling, took part in the visit to the facilities belonging the Administrative Headquarters to meet, share and to understand the internal procedures for the operational and administrative sectors of the company. On Friday, the first training session took place thanks to a partnership established with the Institute of Management Strategy of Zulia (IGEZ). The workshop consisted of a leadership and communication seminar “Powerful Conversations and Compromise with Success” dictated by the speakers Carmen Teresa Loaiza and Reynaldo Meza in the IGEZ facilities.

The following day, the Mat Latinamerica headquarters served as the location for a second training session with a technical focus, led by the team of arquitects from the Design and Post-Sale Management team; to direct their work towards innovation and the improvement of methodology with the presentation “BIM for Interior Design and Architectural Illumination” directed by the DGLA Director Michele Casarin and Oswaldo Caballero, as the certified Autodesk instructor and representative of the allied company “Mat Latinamerica”.

The main event with a protocolary act which included the presentation of the annual progress report, followed by a recognition of outstanding personnel members who have given 5 years of service along with the first edition of the DGLAteam Awards. A show of appreciation and mutual recognition between colleagues who with pride and a sense of belonging comprise the DGLA family, the prize being given to those people who in their day-to-day labor have left a positive mark in the organization with their personality, behavior and contribution which have made them into role models.

The closing event on Saturday was a toast to celebrate the coming of Christmas and the New Year, where the participation of the Design Group Colombia branch located in Bogota, was felt by utilizing the benefits of technology in telecommunications. Additionally the evening was accompanied by enthusiastic words supplied from Italy by the Director General Ario Casarin, sending a motivational message of compromise and teamwork by reminding that the core of this organization is human talent, who represent the key to achieve excellence.

In conclusion, it is believed that the objective of the MeetUP DGLA 2018 have been effectively achieved and have allowed a space to share, learn and integrate the team of all levels of the organization while simultaneously facilitating the mechanism to give all of the human capital the necessary tools to strengthen their technical competencies and contributing to the growth and motivation in both the personal and professional environment.