DGLA Reduces Costs and Time with BIM Technology


Simplicity and efficiency have arrived at our multidisciplinary platform to improve the production line of the #DGLAteam

Design Group Latinamerica has taken a great step towards the vanguard of technological innovation for the creation of projects this 2019, by including BIM (Building Information Modelling) in the design of digital models, which acts as a tool for optimization and efficiency within the scope of quality control.

As a multidisciplinary platform, BIM allows all the actors in a construction process such as architects, designers, allied engineers and experts in the DGLA family, to work as a team and under the same database. This allows the planification, design, and construction of a project to group in a simple manner for the elaboration of budgets and layouts in the same interface, thus allowing significant savings in the costs of production.

The objective of this technology is to give a continuation to the evolutionary cycle of commercial, hotel, residential or office edifications in the best time frame by utilizing a tridimensional virtual model linked to a database. This allows the reduction of time for the finalization of the processes of creation, development and submission of each proposal.

The utilization of this platform will allow DGLA to gather a great quantity of information related to a project in all its stages, from the conception of the idea, the finalization and the submission of the project until the end of its service life and the feasibility of its demolition. This, through the usage of a completely virtual model paired with structural calculation, modelling, budgeting and analytical software, the full potential of BIM can be utilized to fulfill the standards of even the most demanding clients.

In Design Group Latin America, teamwork and innovation go hand in hand in the process of creation and showcased in each proposal. The reduction of costs, time and mistakes is vitel in our line of work and everything is possible thanks to the incorporation of this system, which will mark the rhythm and development of each project from now on.