DGLA Offices Opening in Lechería



With an event (showroom style) Design Group Latinamerica inaugurated the new work spaces in the Lecheria branch, located in the East of Venezuela last Friday 7th of December

After an arduous period of work and a record-breaking execution, past Friday 7 of December the inauguration to the new offices of Design Group Latinamerica in Lecheria located in the ground floor of the Centro Empresarial Oleus in Avenida Arismendi.

During an event which counted on the assistance of almost 100 people including architects, real estate agents, investors, actual and potential clients interested in learning about DGLA’s business model. Added to the list were special guests and family members who accompanied the Board of Directors to inaugurate the new working space.

During this activity, there was a presentation about the advantages and opportunities that this organization offers, mentioning the wide array of services for comprehensive “key-in-hand” projects for commercial, corporative, residential and hotel sectors. After a sacramental sermon performed by a priest, the ribbon was removed giving the opportunity for the official opening of the space which was blessed in the act along with the assistants. Beforehand, a small toast was done in order to permit the guests to realize a tour through the facilities and observe the results of the DGLA experience, where they were able to garner first hand the finishings, materials and textures of each one of the products originated from European factories as well as the virtual reality of each projects (using 3D glasses)



During his speech, Director Michele Casarin indicated that Design Group Latinamerica is a unique organization that has been for more than 10 years, offering a comprehensive service in the realization of interior and exterior architectural projects, through the use of strategic partnerships established with its exclusive network of European brands of highest quality and with Architects and contractors of renowned trajectory. This is done with the objective to satisfy the requirements of their clients and or users through the usage of a platform that supplies design, procurement and execution of the project with technical advice during installation phase, generating high levels of personalization and quality control which optimizes final costs and submission times.

In this context, DGLA has begun an expansionary policy throughout the entire American continent as well as the Caribbean in order to generate an added value to its clients in more than 10 countires and 18 cities in Latinamerica until now; submitting more than 250 projects from scratch, 250 thousand square meters of design and 2700 renders of visualization in total. Specifically in the city of LEcheria, located in the northeast of Anzoategui with one of the largest metropolitan areas in the east of Venezuela; the DGLA brand began its operations 2 years ago, consolidating for 2018: 12 projects of residential architecture as well as commercial, in which 8 remain active in the construction and installation phase while 2 of them have been fully realized.

One of the main proposed goals for 2030 has been to consolidate the presence of DGLA in at least 12 countries in the American market, counting with the presence of associated architects in at least 15 countries, in order to promote the creation of comprehensive projects with DGLA standards. IN this sense, for 2017 there have been negotiations for projects in Lecheria that resultseed in the start of the design phase in various model apartments and ald the communal areas in Residencias Dubai, along with more than 120 apartments currently in construction estimated to be completed in 2019. It is in this date that Design Group Latinamerica will implement its “key-in-hand” business model giving a particular vision for each lifestyle, outlining the individuality of all the proprietors while bringing to reality what has been imagined.

Finalizing his speech, the Director of DGLA Michele Casarin bid a farewell, saying “we believe and trust in Venezuela, so we hope to continue projects of the highest level, while constantly improving our technological platform to remain in the vanguard of the market and continue increasing our capacity for personalization. This will allow the selection between hundreds of high quality products at competitive prices, positioning our brand as a symbol of innovation, design and quality. We thank you for the support you have given us until now and we hope to continue telling you about any of our future initiatives.