International Expansion of DGLA in 2018

The Director of Design Group Latin America, Michele Casarin, presented the annual management report, showcasing the achievements during 2018, specifically the organization’s growth and its expansion to new markets in Latin America.

The main objective of Design Group Latin America is to become a leading brand that provides a globalized service for the realization of comprehensive projects of architecture and interior/exterior design. This is achieved through strategic alliances with European companies of the highest standards of quality, conforming a unique platform for renowned architects and contractors alike. With this model, the organization has declared its commercial expansion policy to be oriented towards lending its services throughout the entirety of the American continent and the Caribbean, in order to generate an added value to its clients and allies in more than 10 countries (18 cities) in Latin America to date.

As a result of this vision, 4 new branches were consolidated in 2018. The DGLA headquarters in Chile, located in the most exclusive area of Santiago, alongside the 3 branches of DGLA Venezuela located in Caracas, Valencia and Lechería (this one being the most recent with its inauguration in December 7th), showcase the physical presence of the company’s new strategy. This expansion policy in the most important cities for this market in Venezuela and South American territories, always guarantee a personalized service to its clients  as well as facilitating the management of logistical and technical operations in every location.

During the last 5 years, DGLA has managed more than 260 projects from its initial construction to the submission of the project, maintaining a growing influence in new territories in spite of a reduction of investment in Venezuela. During 2018, 6 projects were finalized while being a year of expansion for the brand, thanks to the penetration of the market in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Aruba, Miami, Colombia and Panama, with a total of 25 new projects (added to the 13 being developed in Venezuela). The overall result is 38 new opportunities to create new 100% personalized spaces under the exclusive DGLA business model.

Currently, Design Group Latin America has 121 active projects: 61 in the design phase for the elaboration of the general setting, with a detailed proposal for the space, budget and renders, of which 38 were presented to the client; 35 projects in the administrative phase with the management of contracts, invoices, containers, nationalization and transport; 25 projects in the post-sale phase for the elaboration of a technical record, inspection and installation consultancy along with client satisfaction. According to Michele Casarin, in 2018, 65 projects were worked on, generating more than 35 thousand meters squared of design and 975 renders in total.

To conclude, the Director of DGLA announced various strategies to improve the current performance of his organization, from the creation of the DGLA Training Program and the Program for Social Responsibility resulting in the growth of the operative area with a team surpassing 70 people, to the optimization of the existing technological infrastructure with the acquisition of new current-generation equipment, installation of new networks and render farms. In addition, a new creation for the SCC Cloud was finalized, which is a contract management system in the cloud and the constitution for an international logistic company with Italian headquarters, to extend the variety of currently offered services and to improve administrative work.